Mrs. Bienkowski's English Class

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Academic Studies

Academic Studies Updates


What will we be doing in Academic Studies?

  • Evidence Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI)

  • Close and Critical Reading

  • Vocabulary Instruction

  • 6+1 Traits of Writing

  • Question-Answer Relationships (QAR)

  • Discussion Groups

Academic Studies Course Description 

Academic studies will focus on building upon and refining the skills you already have in reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. This course will utilize EBLI (Evidence Based Literacy Instruction), close and critical reading, vocabulary instruction, 6+1 writing traits instruction, QAR (Question-Answer Relationships), and discussion groups. Each week, we will spend time analyzing a short text and completing activities, discussion, homework, and quizzes that analyze the text. You will be learning new skills and building on skills you already have in order to become a more proficient reader and writer.

Course Syllabus

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What standards and objectives are being practiced in Academic Studies?

The button above will take you to the common core state standards website.  From there you can access all the English Language Arts standards in Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, and Language objectives that we will work on in Academic Studies.