Mrs. Bienkowski's English Class

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Dystopian Literature

Dystopian Literature Updates


What will we be doing in Dystopian Literature?

  • Texts read this trimester will include: Fahrenheit 451 and Anthem 

  • Students will be creating a dystopian society; creating artifacts from this society; and writing a short story about life in their original dystopia 

Dystopian Literature Course Description

In this course, students will explore the worlds of dystopian literature. The course will begin with a discussion of the dystopian model of fiction in general—its tendency toward envisioning oppressive societies and regimes—and students will reflect on why writers create such alternative models of the world. Students will read and study two examples of dystopian literature. Students will examine identity, self-development, social problems, struggles of the individual against society, and larger theoretical questions posed through this genre of literature. Students will apply their understanding of dystopian literature by completing a culminating project through which they will create their own dystopian society.

Course Syllabus

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What standards are being taught in Dystopian Literature?

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