Mrs. Bienkowski's English Class

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SAT Prep

SAT Prep Updates

In the month of September, students will be working to prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT test that will be taken on October 10th. Students will analyze sample texts and take practice tests in order to identify areas of improvement, expose themselves to the types or readings and questions, and practice the skills assessed on the test. 

What will we be doing in SAT Prep?

  • Khan Academy

  • Reading Test Strategy and Practice Tests

  • Writing and Language Test Strategies and Practice Tests

  • Essay Writing Strategies and Practice Essays

Class Description

SAT Prep will focus on preparing for the SAT as well as identifying areas of needed improvement based on NWEA test data. After completion of the SAT test in the spring, attention will be paid to college prep, essay writing, scholarships, etc.

Class Syllabus

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What standards and objectives are being taught in SAT Prep?

The button above will take you to the common core state standards website.  From there you can access all the English Language Arts standards in Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, and Language objectives that we will work on in this class.